Love Story: Meet the Partners of Famous LGBT Entertainers

Published on November 13, 2017
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Love Story Meet The Partners Of Famous LGBT Entertainers

Love Story: Meet The Partners Of Famous LGBT Entertainers

There’s something to be said about love in Hollywood. Many people find it hard to make the connection between long-term relationships and celebrities. In all fairness, we can completely understand why it seems unnatural for love to be short-lived when it comes to the rich and famous. But there are some stars that stand out from others, and we can learn a thing or two about true love from them. A sterling example is Cooper Anderson, who just by the way, has a partner most of would love to feast our eyes on… our eyes, is all I said. With stars like Ellen DeGeneres, Neil Patrick Harris and a collection more, you’ll be glad to know that love is still alive and well.

Sometimes it feels like the days of long relationships, which seemed all-too simple to maintain, are gone with the wind. How on Earth did so many couples make it look so easy back in the day? Today it feels like divorce is as abundant as red lights are when you’re late for an important meeting. But you know, the truth is that those who made marriages work, did just that. They worked. Even if we seemed to see effortless relationships growing around us, I can guarantee you that there was a lot of work and compromise going on behind the scenes.

So, forget about dental implants or visiting a cosmetic dentist, and don’t even think about liposuction surgery because we’re here to talk about LOVE! To be specific, we mean celebrity love. We have decided to round up the biggest LBGT power couples in Hollywood because love is a beautiful thing and we’re a bit sappy. Oh my, I’m already getting smiley just thinking about these pairs of absolute love power! Come on, let’s get to it!