11 Bizarre and Hilarious Facts About Dogs!

Published on 01/02/2019

Dogs are the best friends to humans and there really is no doubting that. You can be a ‘cat person’ or a ‘bird person’ but dogs will always hold the number one spot in our heart. As one of the most domesticated animals on the planet it stands to reason that we know the majority of what there is to know about the animals, however this isn’t exactly true. There are a ton of fascinating, hilarious, and bizarre facts about dogs that most people have no idea about. Even if you’ve had dogs all your life we guarantee that you’ll be surprised by what you are about to read. Listed below are 11 bizarre and hilarious facts about dogs!

Average dogs are about as smart as two year old children.

If you ever got the inkling that your dog was a lot smarter than it appeared, you were probably right. We tend to think of pets as small minded creatures despite their very clear signs of intelligence. Studies show that an average dog can learn up to 250 different words as well as a similar amount of gestures, giving you plenty of room to communicate with one another and train. Scientists have found that they can teach dogs to count up to about 5 while also teaching them to perform simple math functions. Dogs are wonderful, beautiful, and intelligent creatures. In fact, if dogs were any smarter we fear that they would realize humans aren’t all they are cracked up to be! So if you are always tired after school, just realize how much work your own dog does to be able to learn to communicate with you.

Average dogs are about as smart as two year old children

Average dogs are about as smart as two year old children

Dog’s aren’t colorblind!

We aren’t sure how this myth originally began getting passed around but it is high time that we put it to bed. Dogs are not colorblind as people tend to suggest and they, in fact, can see quite a variety of different colors. Scientists have found out that the primary color spectrum for dogs is largely made up of yellow, violet, blue, black, white, and gray. So if you want your dog to have a colorful home to wander around in then you need to make sure that you definitely utilize these colors. The next time you are sitting around with your breakfast shakes thinking of starting the day, think of ways to incorporate more color into your home. Your dogs might not say it but they’ll definitely enjoy it.

Dog's aren't colorblind

Dog’s aren’t colorblind

Dog’s have an exponentially stronger sense of smell than humans.

While you might think that you have an excellent sniffer it is nothing, absolutely nothing, compared to that of a dog. The average human nose has around 5 million cent receptors inside of it. This number sounds impressive enough but it is put in stark reality next to that of a dogs. The average beagle has 225 million scent receptors in its nose and that isn’t even the strongest nose in the dog kingdom. If you keep reading about these scent receptors you might need some fibromyalgia herbs, it can be quite exhausting to imagine being able to smell so much. To put things in even simpler perspective the average dog can sense up to 100,000 better than the average human. Imagine if your kids could sense as well as your dogs, you would need some easy breakfast ideas for kids that smelled great!

Dog's have an exponentially stronger sense of smell than humans

Dog’s have an exponentially stronger sense of smell than humans

A dog’s nose is as unique as a human fingerprint.

Though most dog noses look the same they are in fact quite different. Don’t get fooled by thinking in terms of generalities. Dog noses are in fact so unique that they are compared with favor to the human fingerprint. The swirling designs, ridges, and creases make each individual nose a truly individual thing. This unique nose is also the strongest sensory device on the entire dog’s body. Dogs rely on smell almost completely and we are going to learn quite a bit more about it here soon. In any event, the dog’s nose is so unique that you need to be aware of it as well to keep abreast of your pet’s health. You can see quite a few symptoms of sickness just by monitoring a dogs snout. You can also get a fun nose print of your dog’s snout by putting non toxic food coloring onto a paper towel and pressing it gently against your dogs nose.

A dog's nose is as unique as a human fingerprint

A dog’s nose is as unique as a human fingerprint

Dogs dream just like us!

If you have ever had a dog then you no doubt have watched it with glee as it twitched, barked, and ran in its sleep. Many people just assume that dogs are dreaming of dog like things, and they are to an extent, but the full truth is that these dogs dream just like humans do. Psychology Today, a magazine focused on this sort of research, believes that dogs most likely spend their nights dreaming of activities that they frequently partake in: playing fetch, going for walks, chasing squirrels — and so on. This is a perfect reason to make sure that you keep your dog mentally active during the day with play and training as it gives them something to think about while they sleep.

Dogs dream just like us

Dogs dream just like us

Military Dog Tags were inspired by Puppy Dog Tags.

The military has seemingly always used ID tags for soldiers and other people within their ranks and the devices got titled Dog Tags for some mysterious reason, right? Well, in fact, dog tags for the military are inspired directly by dog tags for our furry friends. Dog tags were first put into use for pets in the 1850s thanks to the beginning of a law that required dog licensing. This law was put in place for people to track which dogs were attacking the livestock of their neighbors. In the 1860s this system caught on in the military so soldiers had a way of being identified for their family back home in case something went wrong and they were killed in action.

Military Dog Tags were inspired by Puppy Dog Tags

Military Dog Tags were inspired by Puppy Dog Tags

You don’t want to shave a Husky’s coat!

The Husky is one of the most beautiful and striking dogs in the entire family of animals and yet they are still so misunderstood. There are a variety of different types of Husky out there and all of them are known by their long, thick coat and striking blue eyes. Many people who decide to buy Husky’s in warmer climates think that they need to buzz their coat in order to keep them comfortable but this is a mistake. The Husky breed has a special kind of coat that regulates temperature, both hot and cold, and buzzing it leads to them being incapable of keeping cool. Leave the coat alone and let your Husky regulate its own body temperature!

You don't want to shave a Husky's coat

You don’t want to shave a Husky’s coat

Storms are actually painful to dogs.

If you have a dog that always freaks out during thunder storms then you might need to act compassionate to it and understand its pain. Dogs have such good hearing that when thunderstorms roll through the sound of thunder can cause a bit of pain in their ears. Don’t just assume that your dog is scared of the thunder, they might be physically in pain. If you can do anything to help muffle the noise a bit then your dog would surely appreciate it.

Storms are actually painful to dogs

Storms are actually painful to dogs

Do you know why dogs walk in circles before going to bed?

If you’ve seen your dog, or puppy, go to sleep then you’ve probably watched in laughter as it walked around in circles several times before laying itself down. The reason that dogs do this is because they are emulating a technique used in the wild: to flatten long grass in order to be more comfortable. Scientists also believe that dogs do this in order to feel more safe.

Do you know why dogs walk in circles before going to bed

Do you know why dogs walk in circles before going to bed

Most dogs don’t love being hugged.

To humans giving a dog a hug is a sign of affection and love. We love holding our pets and showing them how much we care about them. However, for dogs a hug can be seen as a sign of dominance and it can make them feel uncomfortable. This doesn’t mean all dogs hate being hugged, but some surely dislike it.

Most dogs don't love being hugged

Most dogs don’t love being hugged

Service dogs know when they are working and when they are ‘off’.

Service dogs do some of the greatest work around and they are well trained enough to know when to take it easy. Whenever a service dog knows that its harness is on it will be in ‘alert mode’. When the harness comes off the dog will almost instantly relax and become playful because their shift is over, so to speak.

Service dogs know when they are working and when they are 'off'

Service dogs know when they are working and when they are ‘off’